Listed below are testimonials from a few of our satisfied customers. They have been gathered from a variety of review websites and from direct email correspondence with me. I’m also always happy to supply references with contact information.


Rick was amazing! He always got beck to my emails super quick, he set up phone meetings whenever I needed to discuss new ideas or concerns. Rick showed up to our wedding venue early and took pictures of all the decorations, the whole ceremony, and all of the guests. We didn’t get the chance to let Rick know which of the guests were family members but he figured it out as the night went on and was sure to get plenty of pitures of our families. We were at the venue for seven hours and Rick stayed the whole time. He went above and beyond our expectations. We were on a budget and Rick worked with us. He is super nice and patient. I was a crazy nervous bride but he made sure to get everyone in their spots so we could get good pictures. If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding or any event Rick is your man, you will not be disappointed.


Rick was truly great as our photographer. The photos were wonderful, the price was within our budget, and his service was outstanding.


Rick took our engagement photos and then our wedding photos, and did a masterful job with both. He promised that we’d have our engagement photos within 5 days, but delivered them the next day. He promised we’d have our wedding photos within 2 weeks and delivered them in 6 days. I’m always impressed with someone exceeds their promises, and Rick did just that. The photos were of the very highest quality, and I loved the gallery format he used to deliver them. We also received a heart-shaped thumb drive with all of our pictures and a certificate for a free memory book where we select the photos and the page layouts. Pretty great stuff! We received great photos, lots of extras, and we got a great price, so there’s complete satisfaction on our part.


Rick Dodele Photography did a great job photographing our wedding. Rick was there early to take photos of me getting ready, and then also photographed our ceremony and reception. We also had him take many photos of our family that turned out perfectly. Rick’s photos were outstanding and even better than we were expecting. There were so many extras he threw in, so we were satisfied immensely. We would definitely use him again if given the chance.


Rick did a magnificent job for us. It’s really nice to find people who know what good customer service is all about!


We were not planning on having a photographer at all since we planned a very budget minded wedding. But the more we thought about it we decided it was important to have quality photos to remember our wedding by. We looked high and low for photographers whose price was right and whose portfolios looked at least somewhat like the ones we saw from the ones who charge an arm and a leg. Both my wife and I immediately liked what we saw from Rick Dodele. It was a very good price and honestly I couldn’t tell much difference from the photographers who wanted to charge 5 times his price. We noticed he had great reviews so we hired him and we couldn’t be happier with the experience. We got the photos back in 6 days after our wedding and that took us by surprise. They were everything we expected and more and Rick got all the most important shots we wanted. Rick hit this out of the ballpark as far as I’m concerned. The gallery he directed us to that has all of our pictures is extremely cool and we got a gift coupon for Mixbook which lets us make our own memory book. We haven’t had time to choose our pictures yet but it looks like its going to be a lot of fun. The gallery is great because we can download any pictures we want and we didn’t have to order prints. This was my first experience using Thumbtack but it was a really great one.


We were extremely pleased with Rick as our wedding photographer. He very obviously takes pride in what he does and continually went the extra mile for us. I have a cousin getting married soon, and I will be recommending Rick.


Outstanding service and very professional. High quality work. We loved his attention to detail and his willingness to work within our guidelines. Five stars all the way here.


Our wedding was a destination wedding and I only wish we knew more couples getting married in Southern California so that we could recommend Rick. I only hope my review here can serve the purpose of letting others know how well he did his job for us. Rick and I talked twice on the phone before the wedding and went back and forth several times by email. He seemed very genuine to me and I really liked his policy about not having to pay the entire amount before the wedding. When we received the photographs we could completely understand why Rick has so much confidence in doing business that way. We were completely satisfied. The photographs were outstanding and we got multiple shots of everything that was important to us. Although I obviously had enough confidence in Rick to hire him, I guess I might have been expecting a little less than what we actually got based on his price. I really can’t imagine the photographs turning out any better if we hired some other photographer at three times the price. I think that says it all.


From start to finish we were given great service by this vendor. Our wedding planner chose the photographer based on our budget on day of our wedding so we trusted that she would make a good choice for us. It was a perfect choice. The invoice came in at what we budgeted and we feel we got more than what we bargained for. The photos were excellent as was the online interface we used to look at them. Everything was really great and we would recommend Rick Dodelle as a photographer and someone you can trust doing business with.


We used Rick Dodele Photography first for our engagement pictures so that we could ascertain the quality of his work before commiting to him for our wedding. We were very pleased with the results and used one of the pictures for our announcements. He had the pictures to us the very next day, so we were extremely happy with his prompt service. We had no hesitation at that time for trusting him for our wedding, and we put a deposit down immediately which served to lock in the date for us.

Rick always returned our phone calls, texts, and emails very promptly which was really reassuring. He seemed genuinely excited in preparing for some of the little details we asked of him and was very well organized and meticulous. He even drove 50 miles out of his way to our church a couple of weeks before the wedding just to fully understand where he would be able to shoot pictures from and the lighting he would encounter. I don’t know if that’s a standard practice by other wedding photographers, but nonetheless we were impressed by that.

Our wedding and reception were amazing and Rick captured the essence of both. The photos that were taken couldn’t have been better. The joy, the excitement, and the happiness are so clear in the photos of ourselves, our family, and our friends. The photos were online so that we could send the link to everybody, and we had so many wonderful comments about how good they were. Just like the engagement pictures, Rick was very quick in getting them to us, this time in 10 days.

Rick Dodele surpassed our expectations by being reasonably affordable, very prompt, courteous and professional. Most important of all, the pictures he took were absolutely superb and were exactly what we hoped for.


Rick was a pleasure to work with, before, during, and after our wedding. He was always very responsive to emails and phone calls, and that’s extremely important to me. We planned our wedding from afar, so that makes it especially nerve-wracking to choose vendors. But the experience was great from start to finish. Rick was very well organized, and planned with us ahead of time for the must have photos. There were many photos that Rick suggested that I hadn’t even thought of, so I could tell he’s been doing this for awhile. No details or special moments were missed, and there was a great variety of staged photos and candid photos. There were so many photos that just seemed so fun and natural, and that had an organic feel to them. It was exactly the style we were looking for. The candid shots captured personalities perfectly, and the photos that were taken was a great time capsule of the day. Rick recognized our vision, and that made the results magical for us. His work speaks for itself, and my recommendation comes without any reservation.


We really weren’t sure what to expect when we hired Rick to photograph our May wedding. His pricing seemed much lower than others we contacted, and to some extent I believe you get what you pay for. However, we really didn’t want to pay through the roof so we took a chance and we are very glad we did. Rick was very responsive right from the start in returning every email or phone call promptly. He asked for a small deposit to reserve the date which seems fair enough. We settled on all of the details, and on our wedding day he was there at least 30 minutes before we asked him to. I was so busy and nervous, of course, that I really didn’t notice him at all throughout the ceremony, but when we got the pictures I was amazed at how many he actually took from so many different angles and distances. It kind of seemed like he had a team of photographers to get so many great shots that weren’t all the same thing. We had him stay through the reception, and he took so many great pictures that I will always cherish. He sent us the pictures less than 2 weeks after our wedding, which I am told is very quick. A big thumbs up for Rick! If you want somebody who is professional, prompt, hard working and friendly, and somebody who has the talent to take great pictures, I don’t believe you can go wrong with hiring him as your photographer.


We were very happy with Rick Dodele Photography and would definitely use Rick again for any of our future photography needs.


Hired Rick for our wedding on 5/02/2014. We had a budget and could not afford the photographers that wanted to charge $3000 to walk in the door. Rick had a plan that fit our budget. We spoke on the phone and met with him prior to the wedding. We went over details and schedule. He was very prompt and we all felt comfortable. Rick arrived on time and was professional. If there was anything to point out was getting a little more out of us for shots that were not so “posed”. Rick also stayed longer than contracted and did not charge. He was very “mobile” at the reception…quite a few guests mentioned he seemed to be everywhere. We have seen our photos and are very pleased with them…Rick did a great job and I would recommend him. Thanks again Rick for capturing our special day!!


So responsive over email as I planned a wedding in two weeks strictly over email. When I got Rick’s response and quote I knew he was genuine and could capture our day. I was not disappointed at all. He has a great, diverse portfolio and was great to work with. His contracts and fees were very straightforward and fair. Rick we can’t thank you enough for the incredible photos that we will forever cherish of our day!!! Thanks so much!!


Thank you so much for participating in our wedding. Your photography is outstanding and we will recommend you to anybody looking for a wedding photographer.


We were soooo pleased with everything about Rick Dodeles wedding photography. We compared quite a few photographers before choosing Rick and nobody else offered as much for the same price. We were somewhat surprised and very happy that he outperformed every one of his promises. The pictures were superb and he got great shots of all the most important moments at the ceremony and reception. He was really easy to work with in every way and I would highly recommend him to anybody needing a photographer for their wedding.


Very highly recommended! Great photos and really quick getting everything to us. We liked that we were able to place our order for large prints right from the website. Thanks again Rick!


We were 100% satisfied in every way with Rick Dodele photography. The quality of the photos were beyond my expectations. We had some prints made that really turned out great. The service was outstanding and I can’t say enough about Rick’s professionalism and sincere desire to get everything just right.


I had the pleasure of getting my maternity pictures taken at Rick Dodele’s studio this week. Rick and Kristina were very easy to work with and gave me great direction – this was especially helpful because I’m not a model and really needed to be told what to do and I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera. Their studio is nice, nothing fancy but the resulting photos were professional and of excellent quality. They offer retouching but I think I may not even need it… not sure yet. I would definitely recommend Rick Dodele to family and friends for studio photography – they have reasonable pricing and quality results.


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